December Book Review

The Pilgrim's Regress -- Guarding against Backsliding and Apostasy in the Christian Life
by Mark Jones

Every Christian has witnessed a brother or sister in the Lord drifting from the faith that he or she once possessed.  We have all witnessed some who were once committed and zealous growing cold, growing distant, growing dissatisfied.  Alarmed, we wonder: Are they backsliding or are they in the process of rejecting the Christian faith altogether.

In The Pilgrim's Regress, mark jones has written about a topic that is both alarming and comforting.  It is alarming in its diagnosis of a spiritual condition that can afflict any of us if we fail to keep watch, if we fail to stay true, if we fail to remain faithful.  It is also comforting because it assures us that our God loves those who are truly his and that he will not let even one be lost.

It can be found at Reformation Heritage Books

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