April Book Review

Predestination: An Introduction
by Andrew David Naselli

For many, the doctrine of predestination is intimidating.  Often tied to personal emotions and heated debate, this topic can be difficult to study -- let alone view as a blessing.  This addition to the Short Studies in Systematic theology series carefully examines God's word to answer fifteen commonly asked questions regarding the doctrines of election and reprobation.  While reading, you will discover what God has revealed throughout Scripture, learn how he saves his people from their sins, and be stirred to respond to him in worship.

"How does one write a simple and clear treatment of one of the most complex and challenging doctrines?  I'm not entirely sure, but that is precisely what Andy Naselli has done."    --- Steven Lee, Pastor for Preaching & Vision, The North Church

Even for a believer who has long-held to this biblical doctrine of predestination, I found the author's explanations refreshing and reassuring -- further reinforcing what a comforting doctrine election truly is!    --- Tim M.

It can be found at Amazon.com.

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